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Colonial Heights, VA RV & Trailer Transportation Services

Whether you’re dealing with a breakdown or need to relocate your trailer from your yard, our expert transportation services provide a hassle-free solution to your problem.
Transportation Services
Transportation Services

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Comprehensive RV & Trailer Transportation Services

At B&T Towing, we specialize in transportation services for all types of campers, travel trailers, 5th wheel RVs, and gooseneck trailers. Whether you’re stranded on the road and need immediate assistance or simply want to move your trailer from one location to another, our experienced team is here to help.

Broken Down & Need Assistance?

If you’ve broken down while pulling a trailer and need it delivered for repairs or relocation, we provide fast and reliable towing services. Our team will ensure your trailer is safely transported to your desired destination.

Residential & Commercial Transportation Services

Have a trailer in your yard that needs moving? We handle residential and commercial trailer relocations with ease. No matter the size or type of trailer, our professional towing services are designed to meet your needs.

Additional Transportation Services

  • RV Transportation Services: Detailed information on our RV transport solutions.
  • Trailer Transportation Services: Explore our comprehensive trailer transport options.
  • Camper Transportation Services: Learn more about how we can help move your camper.
  • 5th Wheel Transportation Services: Specialized services for transporting your 5th wheel RV.
  • Gooseneck Trailer Transportation Services: Reliable and safe gooseneck trailer transport solutions.
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Being locally owned and operated means we can do more for our local community. Because we are from Colonial Heights Virginia, we understand the roads and traffic patterns to help get to you faster.

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B&T Towing has been able to provide great customer service for all of our customers. Our team is dedicated and always looking out for the best interest in making sure you’re happy with your experience!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Transportation Questions Answered

Find answers to common questions about our towing and transport services for campers, travel trailers, 5th wheels, and gooseneck trailers.

We transport campers, travel trailers, 5th wheel RVs, and gooseneck trailers.
You can request a free quote by filling out the form or by contacting us directly.
We provide transportation services across a wide geographic area; contact us to confirm service availability in your location.
Yes, we offer emergency towing for situations like breakdowns to ensure your trailer is safely transported to the desired location.
The cost varies based on the type of trailer, distance, and specific requirements. Request a free quote for an accurate estimate.
Yes, we provide insurance coverage for your trailer during transport for peace of mind.
The time frame depends on the distance and specific service requirements, but we strive to provide timely and efficient transportation.
Yes, we can transport trailers that need repairs or are not in working condition.
You need to provide details such as the type of trailer, pickup and delivery locations, and any special requirements.
Yes, we cater to both residential and commercial trailer transport needs, ensuring reliable service for all customers.
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